With my love for bullets and unique toys, I was really excited to receive the Touché Little Snooper from FunWares to review.

The Little Snooper was presented to me in a drop dead gorgeous, sophisticated packaging. The toy is clearly visible through the open front while encased in a clear plastic mold, giving the illusion that the toy is “floating”. It’s not discreet, but indeed a very nice presentation and would be nice for gifting. Though, probably not suitable to reused for storage.  Included are 2 information booklets with instructions written in 8 languages, the bullet key (which I’ll explain in a bit), the bullet and sleeve, and the 2 included watch batteries.

The Little Snooper is definitely little. With its round pink silicone body and  squiggly tail, you’d probably agree with me that it looks like nothing other than a sperm. Housed inside its body is a teeny tiny 1-speed bullet (removable) that looks like a maggot – ok, that was really gross of me. The body and tail of the sleeve are made of 100% pure silicone which is non-porous, phthalate free, latex free, and hypo-allergenic. It is very soft and velvety feeling. Although the silicone is completely body-safe, after inspecting the toy more closely I realized that the bullet is nowhere near waterproof – not even water resistant. This opts out being able to insert the toy (vaginally and NEVER anally) while using the tail as the retrieval cord (which was my full intention) as bodily fluids can get into the bullet and ruin it. Also, there is no way to fully clean the bullet without getting the battery compartment wet and there is no way to fully sterilize it either. The bullet can easily collect and hold onto bacteria which can cause infections. It’s best if this toy is used externally.

Now, about the key. This key is used to easily retrieve the bullet from its sleeve. The tip is hooked and by sliding the key down inside the sleeve along the side of the bullet, give it a slight twist then pull out. The bullet will effortlessly pop right out. You don’t want to lose this key, as there is no other way to remove the bullet without risking damage to the silicone. Keep the key in its envelope, and in a safe place.

When it came time for the test drive, I must admit that I wasn’t overly impressed. It’s a great teaser toy by all means but don’t expect any earth-shaking orgasms to be delivered. I wish the bullet was a little lot stronger.  The vibrations are felt very lightly to almost not being there at all, which was quite disappointing. So, unable insert it in any way and it being clearly impossible to orgasm from, I had to find an alternative method of use.

Surprisingly my partner and I came to enjoy this toy in other ways by dangling the little snooper by its tail and running it along different sensitive areas the body. You can do this in areas  such as inner thighs, nipples, belly, back or any where you may be ticklish. The vibrations are very light and very quiet so they definitely don’t steal the show. But, its a great teaser like said. You could almost call it a “flirty toy”.  Remember when tickling was flirting?

Overall, I love the design. It has lots of potential but sadly it just doesn’t deliver as well as it could. If the Little  Snooper doesn’t seem right for you, FunWares also carries many other toys at some great low prices.

Thanks, FunWares!

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

This product was provided to me free of charge by FunWares in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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