The Couture Collection Cyclone is a g-spot vibrator manufactured by California Exotics and sold by one of my favorite sex toy stores.

First, a little word about the packaging. The Cyclone arrived in a box much larger than necessary and not really all that suitable for storage. However, the water theme is calming and soothing and not at all trashy or offensive in any way. I thought it to be a little odd that there was a view window under a flap on the box, but the vibrator was wrapped in an opaque sleeve so you could not see the toy through the view window. I just don’t get it. Also, the box boasts that the Cyclone is made from “Japanese medical grade silicone”; however, it is manufactured in China and sold by California Exotics. okay? Color me confused.

Anyway — on to the toy.

The Cyclone is a decently sized vibrator, measuring in at 9 inches long with about 7 of those being insertable. The shaft is thick and blunt, with its 1½ inch diameter. I found it to be nicely filling and in my opinion it should be satisfying for most. The tip is gently curved so that g-spot stimulation is easier to achieve than with your traditional straight vibrator. The shaft is made 100% pure silicone that is squishy and very flexible. In fact, it’s tad bit too flexible to provide ample pressure on the g-spot. The silicone of the Cyclone is velvety smooth to the touch. The shaft has some ridges which don’t provide much in terms of stimulation, but they are there and can be felt.

The vibrations from the Cyclone are nice.  The intensity is fairly low to moderate, but they are the deep and rumbly kind. The benefit to this lower intensity of vibration is that it makes for a fairly quiet toy. The vibrations are well felt midway down the shaft where the motor is located while I found that, especially on the lower settings, the vibrations tend to become diffused as they reach the solid silicone tip of the toy. On the highest constant vibration setting, I found that the vibrations were still not strong enough to be very satisfying on my g-spot, although someone who’s looking for a less intense amount of stimulation may find just what they like in the Cyclone. There are 3 speeds of  steady vibrations: low, medium, high; and patterns of roller coaster, escalating and pulsating.

The “E-Z Load” battery compartment is not easy at all; it is actually very difficult to open and involves having to hold your mouth just right. When you do finally manage to get it off, just pop 2-AA batteries into the battery compartment and slide the lid back on. Instead of a simple twist off cap, this one is the type that you have to push and slide open.  If any lube gets on it or you hands, it can be too slippery to open. However, the tight-fitting battery case (backed up by its o-ring) and waterproof buttons provide a toy that’s capable of complete submersion for both water-play and clean-up. And, it seems to be true to its waterproof description as I’ve dunked it in my bath water and no water has gotten into the battery compartment.

The button that changes the patterns is large and even illuminates red so it’s quite hard to miss. I sometimes hit it while thrusting, then would have to cycle through the settings again to find my preferred speed. The 3rd speed, believe. I did find a way around that though, and that is turn it off (props for a power button!) and start at the first speed again, which is much quicker than cycling through all the speeds and patterns. There is no locking feature. No biggie — that just means that you must take the batteries out when not in use (which is recommend anyway), especially when traveling.

Overall, I think the Cyclone is a decent vibrator. It just doesn’t live up to it’s description as a g-spot vibrator, per se, but this a perfect toy for someone looking to graduate to a new level of vibrator without too much intimidation. The Couture Collection is certainly a step up in quality compared to the basic California Exotic vibes.

Thanks, FunWares!

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Fun Fact: Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust It makes up 8 percent of the weight of the earth’s solid surface. It is recyclable and safe.

I have been coveting a toy from the Tantus Alumina line for what seems like forever now. Unlike other Tantus toys, this series of dildos is made of aeronautic grade aluminum. The aluminum is anodized, which not only adds to the sheer beauty of these toys, but also strengthens corrosion and wear resistance. Each Alumina product is cast in two fully functional halves — which means that the ends of ALL FOUR Alumina products can be swapped out for other pieces to make your perfect toy. This is a very unique design and — of course — means I covet all four Alumina toys.

The Flow came to me in a slender black cardboard box with silver writing and a silver outline of the dildo’s shape on the lid. It is sturdy, elegant, discreet, and no bigger than it has to be making it perfect for storage. Inside, the toy itself is nestled in black foam and a slim instruction care booklet. Simple, but with a touch of class.

The Aluminum definitely has some heft to it. It feels very, very sturdy in hand and — unlike the majority of toys on the market — can last a lifetime with minimal care. There is no texture at all to this dildo — it’s completely smooth. It is cool to the touch and even at room temperature it feels cold. The surface is flawless and has a sheen to it that is absolutely amazing.  Also, the aluminum is a deep purple color that is very pleasing to the eye.

As for measurements, the Flow measures 9¼” long, in which about 4″ are insertable from either end. While the thin end is 7/8″ in diameter, the thicker end is 1½” in diameter, and somewhat replicates a bowling pin.  Even with the drastic change of size, the weight seems to be distributed almost evenly and surprisingly doesn’t tire out my wrist while using it for longer periods of time. However, the best feature of the Alumina line is their interchangeability. Since I don’t have any other Alumina toys, I couldn’t make my own combination, but the Flow is very easy to screw apart and back together — even for a weakling like myself who has difficulty opening jars. The dildo’s a breeze to clean and can be simply washed down with an antibacterial soap. It can also be sterilized by placing it on the top rack of the dishwasher (top rack, no soap). I did notice that gunk tends to collect in between the rubber ring and where the two pieces join together so it should be taken apart to assure a thorough cleaning. Other than that, nothing to it!

Now on to the Nitty Gritty…

I first tried using the Flow at room temperature and it does feel cool when you first begin to use it. The aluminum rapidly warms to your body though, almost heating as you thrust with it, and not just the end that’s inserted — you can feel the heat down the whole length of the toy! It feels different from any of the other materials I’ve ever used.

I then ran it under warm water. I let it sit for about 5-10 minutes while I aroused myself clitorally. When I came back to the Flow, I was amazed that the dildo was still warm and how it had amazingly kept the heat. I inserted it and gasped at the sensation as the most utterly amazing sensation went through my entire body. As for the best word to describe it — sensational! The thin end I could take it or leave it — it doesn’t do much for me. I adore it as a handle. The larger ends fills me up nicely. Also? This thing is amazing at g-spotting! Even though it’s not curved, but with of its firm and thick shaft along with rapid thrusting it seems to happen spontaneously. Clenching around it while also stimulating my clitoris is oh so heavenly. So firm!

It inserts and thrusts smoothly, and the heft is perfect. The fact that the Alumina line is interchangeable takes the cake. I am extremely impressed by the Alumina Flow — I keep coming back to it again and again. It’s definitely a pretty interesting addition to my toy collection! Using this dildo makes me feel incredibly sexy!

Thanks, FunWares!

This product was provided to me free of charge by FunWares in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

I am proud to present to you my very first giveaway!! Much Thanks to FunWares, I get to give away a Xtreme Pack G-Spot Bullet to you, my lovelies! In case you missed my review of this bad boy, you can read it here.

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This bullet is not your ordinary silver bullet type of bullet. This is the Xtreme Pack G-spot bullet, and they weren’t bluffing when they named it Xtreme! It’s pretty badass! From the color theme, to the design and right down the the oodles of functions and patterns.

The G-spot bullet is made of hard, velvety smooth plastic which is non-porous, phthalates & latex free, and hypo-allergenic…and purple! The control pack is made of hard shiny purple plastic, with neon green rubber-cote grips on the sides and front.

The bullet itself is modestly sized at 3 1/2″ long allowing for some nice shallow penetration. At just over 1″ in diameter It has a pointed curved end that you would assume is for G-spot stimulation but it doesn’t hit my g-spot.  However, the pointed end really excels at pinpoint clitoral stimulation. The velvety textured surface feels lovely against the skin, and is matte than slippery. Add a little bit of lube, and it glides nicely over your girly bits (or man bits).

The neon-green cord is a generous almost 3 feet long – It is jacked and plugs easily into the control pack. I like this feature as it ensures that no unnecessary strain will be put on the cord causing it to short out. It also makes it very easy to clean just the bullet without worrying about getting water near the battery pack. The control pack itself is awesome! It is very nice looking. The color combination is wicked – which is what drew me to the toy in the first place.

Oh, and the functions! – Let me tell you with the 5 different speeds and the 7 different crazy patterns of rollercoaster, vibrating, surging, escalating, and pulsating – this thing has enough functions to keep you busy for days! Please don’t get to me describe them, as I can’t. But I can tell you that there are some pretty interesting patterns in the mix. Oh, are there ever!

On the control pack there isn’t just one “ON” light like most vibrators. This thing has a whole light show of its own. There is a simple ON/OFF button which turns it on to a steady buzz and sets the lights. The plus and minus buttons on the left side control the speed. Each press of the plus button increases vibrational intensity and starts a new set of lights. The plus and minus button on the right side changes your vibrational mode. Each press not only changes the pattern of vibration, but the arch of red lights changes with every button you push, matching the settings of your vibrator. The crazy modes have just as equally crazy light patterns – It’s like a disco in your bedroom! Plus, the green lights down the center of the light panel light up with each press of the button. It’s pretty crazy!

Plastic is super easy to care for. This bullet makes it even easier to clean as the bullet unplugs from the battery pack, making washing it worry free. Simply wash the bullet with hot water and an antibacterial soap or your favorite toy cleaner. For some extra cleansing you can wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol or a bleach solution as well. You should avoid getting water near the battery pack as it’s not waterproof so wiping it down with a toy cleaner will do just fine.

Storage is just as easy.  It’s very toy box friendly so you don’t have to worry about it reacting with other materials. Though, I store mine inside a drawstring bag to avoid tangling of the cords. This will also reduce any unnecessary strain on the cords allowing them to last longer and not short out.

Do I recommend this toy? Absolutely! This thing rocks!

You can get your own at for $26.95, or, you can enter my upcoming contest where you can win one of your own!

Thanks, FunWares!

Rating: ★★★★★

This product was provided to me free of charge by FunWares in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

The Strapless Vibrating G-string by Blush Novelties is their first item in their Pink Pussy Cat line and comes packaged in a beautiful sophisticated box. It is pink and black with a photo of a woman wearing a black bra and a strapless g-string. The front flap opens up revealing the panty through a clear plastic window. The box is not discreet but it does present itself nicely as a gift.

This  is exactly what you would assume it is – a g-string panty that is strapless and it vibrates. Designed to “clip” on to your body, this strapless g-string wraps around from your pubic area going between your lets and ends at the tail bone. It is buldgy in the front as it houses the motor and is intended to lay against your clit and vulva. It comes in a “one size fits most” in which it should really read “one size fits most small people”. I weigh about 125lbs and it just fits me. I wouldn’t recommend this for larger framed women.

The cloth covering unzips and can be removed from the plastic vibrating unit to be cleaned. Wash them with a mild detergent and dry them in the dryer on the  tumble cycle, however, I feel safer hanging them to dry. The material covering really girly with a lace trimming and a bow in the front. It is recommended that you clean the plastic vibrating unit with an antibacterial towelette to kill any lingering bacteria.

To insert the batteries, unzip the cloth to find the battery compartment where you insert the 3 included watch batteries. They can be a bitch to insert though, and you must have them in just right or it won’t work. In the beginning I was convinced that the batteries were dead. There are 7 functions in total. Located at the back of the g-string is  plastic piece with a control button.  Press the button to begin its first setting and with subsequent presses you will scroll through all 7 settings, then turning it off.

The vibrations are really loud and buzzy, even on its lowest setting, and definitely not discreet enough to be worn out in public. Well, at the bar you might get away with it but the bulge in the front makes it appear as if you are wearing a cup, or a packing cock. Either way, you’d need to wear your pants baggy for them to go unnoticed.

Also, it doesn’t stay in place all that well, slowly sliding down and working its way out of place. The vibrating pack does not hit the clit on its own and I found myself pushing it against my clit. I don’t and probably won’t wear these out in public, however, it very fun to wear them around the house. I’ve worn them while cooking dinner, doing the dishes, and while cleaning house wearing nothing BUT the panties. It teased my hubby tremendously and they were soon to come off!

Thanks, Funwares!

Rating: ★★★☆☆

This product was provided to me free of charge by FunWares in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.