The “I like It Doggie Style Strap” by Sportsheets is a sex positioning strap that is very easy and very fun to use. While on your hand and knees, your partner can wrap the strap around your waist using the handles to pull you in extremely close. This allows for deep penetration and some extreme g-spot stimulation. You can also play “wheelbarrow” by using the strap to gently lift your partner off the ground. When placed on the lower abdomen, the strap adds pressure and compresses the vaginal canal creating a “tighter” feeling for the man. This gives a more intense sensation for the both of us While in the missionary position, the I can wrap the strap around my guy’s lower back giving me more control over the thrusting. This is definitely a great accessory for short women who are with tall men.

Doggy style is by far my favorite sex position! When my guy slipped the Doggie Style Strap underneath my belly and bent me over, I instantly noticed the deep penetration it provided and how perfectly he was hitting my g-spot with almost no effort at all. By raising my hips up higher in the air (like indicated in the diagram) g-spot stimulation is way more intense. If I raise my back it allows for much deeper penetration.

My guy loves the gained control it has provided him. The strap allows him to lean back while pulling me in closer for deeper, harder penetration. Sometimes we can get off rhythm during doggy sex but the strap allows us to stay in sync with each other. Especially when things get a little wild. He can really pound it to me and still be in complete control. He said it’s reduced pressure from his back since he’s not as slouched over me. I’ve also noticed less strain on my lower back and hips and enjoy “assuming the position” for longer periods of time. I also like the control is has provided him.

The strap is made extremely well and should accommodate most body sizes and styles. The pad that is worn underneath the belly measures 4 inches by 14.5 inches. It is a plush padding covered by a soft material. The thick padding is very comfy -  it doesn’t cut into my waist and does not leave any marks on my sensitive skin. The nylon strap is about 2 inches wide and runs across the front for added support extending to about 15 inches on each side creating looped handles. There are plastic buckles allowing you to adjust both the handles and the length of the straps. They are extremely strong and well attached to the pad.

Another great thing about the Doggie Style strap is how easy it is to clean. In the case you shall get it dirty, it can be spot cleaned with soap and water. If necessary it can also be machine washed with a mild soap and dried in the dryer on a low-heat tumble. There is no special care needed for storage. You can store it in its original packaging or just about anywhere in your bedroom since it can easily be folded and doesn’t take up much room.

The “I Like it Doggie Style Strap” by Sportsheets is an awesome addition to any bedroom! It is  fun, easy and comfy to use – and makes great sex even better. Seriously, the best position just got better!

Rating: ★★★★★