The SinFive Emigi is a kegel exerciser to be worn by women who wish to strengthen their vaginal muscles. Kegels are a great exercise for all women, but extremely beneficial for those who have had children. Kegel exercises can even help strengthen bladder control and heighten orgasms as well, being pleasurable for both the female and their male partner. Also known as a “sexerciser”. The Emigi works by sitting on your pelvic wall while the movement of the balls inside work your muscles. I could really feel it working my muscles while I was up and walking around. I could feel my vaginal muscles naturally contracting to hold it in. The Emigi is smaller than other traditional vaginal exercisers with a perfect design for beginners or those who have had difficulty holding in the other types. It can easily and comfortably be worn in public because it’s so small and discreet. You can wear it literally anywhere, and nobody will ever know you are doing your kegels! It can even be worn vaginally during anal sex for double penetration. It should not be used anally as it has no flared base. Worse case scenario: your ass could swallow your kegel exerciser.

The Emigi is made of WTP, a specially formulated thermoplastic. The exterior is coated with a smooth elestomer that is velvety to the touch. Also, there’s an additive within the material making it antimicobial meaning it basically cleans itself! It has an in-built ability to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms on its surface. But rest assure, this additive is safe for humans and is rooted deeply within the material and cannot be released into the body. It is completely body-safe as it is non-porous,hypo-allergenic, phthalate & latex free. There’s absolutely no smell or taste.  There is a seem running around circumference of the bulb but it cannot be felt while being inserted or worn.

The Emigi is so dainty and much smaller than I had expected. But it is perfect! The design of the Emigi is unique and unlike other traditional kegel exercisers. Shaped like a peanut, the body has a circumference of 3 3/4″ with a diameter of 1 1/4″. The insertable length is 2 1/2″ leaving a tail length of 3 3/4″. The tail is securely attached to the body. I tugged on it with some force and it stayed intact, so no worries of it becoming unattached. The hollow peanut body houses 2 balls weighing 3.4 oz which have room to roll around inside.

Being so small and discreet, it’s suitable for traveling. It’s small enough to carry in your purse. It does not resemble a “sex toy” and would not be recognizable if spotted, unless of course they do their kegels too! Then that would be a whole conversation piece of its own!

The Emigi is inserted vaginally – like a tampon. Hold the tail between your thumb and middle finger and use your forefinger to slide the bulb into your vagina. I could do this without needing any lubricant. It went right into place without any pain or discomfort at all. You will know it’s in place when it’s noticeable but not irritable. There is enough tail left externally to retrieve your Emigi when finished.

The Emigi is very comfortable to wear.  There were even times I forgot that I was wearing it! I wear it during all of my everyday activities without any discomfort at all. While doing housework, while in the car, and even while at the store. I’ve worn it in public without feeling like it was going to slip out at anytime. While driving, the rock of the car would rock the balls creating a wonderful sensation. It eventually turned into a game where I would brake hard or purposely hit a bump! The vibrations of the balls were not always felt but they were most of the time while walking, especially with quick sudden movements. I would give a hop, skip and a jump every now and then just to feel the balls inside of me. The Emigi is not only affective health wise, but it’s very fun to wear as well! Removal is very easy. Just a small tug on the tail and it pops right out with no pain at all.

The Emigi, like any other product, should be washed before and after each use. You should use warm water and a mild, gentle soap. Disinfection is not necessary due to its magical self-cleaning powers! You should NEVER place it in hot water or in a dishwasher. When washing, pull slightly on the tail to wash in the crease where the tail meets the bulb. Dry thoroughly with a lint-free towel before storing. The package is great for storing, however you can store the Emigi just about anywhere as it’s so small and it does not collect lint or dust like most materials.  The Emigi is safe to use with water and silicone based lubricants, but not oil based lubricants.

The packaging is a small plastic triangular shaped container which can be reused for storing your Emigi. The front of the package shows a picture and name of the product with a product summary on the back. The removable paper insert has some additional information on the application of the Emigi written in three different languages, care directions and some information about the antimicrobial material, as well as a few pictures of other SinFive products.

I absolutely LOVE the Emigi! I am so glad I chose this as my very first kegel exerciser. Doing my kegels have been the highlight of my days!