My wish list is growing rapidly everyday as I find many interesting, unique & intriguing products around the web. Or as I read raving reviews about a particular product the first words that come to mind are “OMFG, I WANT”. There’s always something perking my interest. Also, I tend to have collector’s syndrome, no naturally if I own one in blue? – I will need it in purple, pink, red and green and…

Inspired by many blogs, I will be doing my own series of Wishful Wednesday, where I feature an item that I happen to be lusting over that week.

The Flip UltraHD video camera. I know it’s not a sex toy but could be very useful for video reviews of sex toys. I would really love to make porn video reviews and vlogs. I recently found out that they sell on for about $125. In this case it’s more like “OMFG, I NEED!”

My Amazon Wish List