The Couture Collection Cyclone is a g-spot vibrator manufactured by California Exotics and sold by one of my favorite sex toy stores.

First, a little word about the packaging. The Cyclone arrived in a box much larger than necessary and not really all that suitable for storage. However, the water theme is calming and soothing and not at all trashy or offensive in any way. I thought it to be a little odd that there was a view window under a flap on the box, but the vibrator was wrapped in an opaque sleeve so you could not see the toy through the view window. I just don’t get it. Also, the box boasts that the Cyclone is made from “Japanese medical grade silicone”; however, it is manufactured in China and sold by California Exotics. okay? Color me confused.

Anyway — on to the toy.

The Cyclone is a decently sized vibrator, measuring in at 9 inches long with about 7 of those being insertable. The shaft is thick and blunt, with its 1½ inch diameter. I found it to be nicely filling and in my opinion it should be satisfying for most. The tip is gently curved so that g-spot stimulation is easier to achieve than with your traditional straight vibrator. The shaft is made 100% pure silicone that is squishy and very flexible. In fact, it’s tad bit too flexible to provide ample pressure on the g-spot. The silicone of the Cyclone is velvety smooth to the touch. The shaft has some ridges which don’t provide much in terms of stimulation, but they are there and can be felt.

The vibrations from the Cyclone are nice.  The intensity is fairly low to moderate, but they are the deep and rumbly kind. The benefit to this lower intensity of vibration is that it makes for a fairly quiet toy. The vibrations are well felt midway down the shaft where the motor is located while I found that, especially on the lower settings, the vibrations tend to become diffused as they reach the solid silicone tip of the toy. On the highest constant vibration setting, I found that the vibrations were still not strong enough to be very satisfying on my g-spot, although someone who’s looking for a less intense amount of stimulation may find just what they like in the Cyclone. There are 3 speeds of  steady vibrations: low, medium, high; and patterns of roller coaster, escalating and pulsating.

The “E-Z Load” battery compartment is not easy at all; it is actually very difficult to open and involves having to hold your mouth just right. When you do finally manage to get it off, just pop 2-AA batteries into the battery compartment and slide the lid back on. Instead of a simple twist off cap, this one is the type that you have to push and slide open.  If any lube gets on it or you hands, it can be too slippery to open. However, the tight-fitting battery case (backed up by its o-ring) and waterproof buttons provide a toy that’s capable of complete submersion for both water-play and clean-up. And, it seems to be true to its waterproof description as I’ve dunked it in my bath water and no water has gotten into the battery compartment.

The button that changes the patterns is large and even illuminates red so it’s quite hard to miss. I sometimes hit it while thrusting, then would have to cycle through the settings again to find my preferred speed. The 3rd speed, believe. I did find a way around that though, and that is turn it off (props for a power button!) and start at the first speed again, which is much quicker than cycling through all the speeds and patterns. There is no locking feature. No biggie — that just means that you must take the batteries out when not in use (which is recommend anyway), especially when traveling.

Overall, I think the Cyclone is a decent vibrator. It just doesn’t live up to it’s description as a g-spot vibrator, per se, but this a perfect toy for someone looking to graduate to a new level of vibrator without too much intimidation. The Couture Collection is certainly a step up in quality compared to the basic California Exotic vibes.

Thanks, FunWares!

This product was provided to me free of charge by in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC  guidelines.

Tantus has a new-ish line of Little Secret vibes. The entire line is a combo of a bullet topped with a high quality silicone sleeve. There are five different designs and colours — all of which are  so colorful and playful — so, of course, I want to collect’em all! To start me off, Tantus awesomely sent me the Spoon (the orange one!) for review.

The bullet is a chrome bullet — I will say right off the get-go that I love, love, love this bullet! This is a single-speed, no patterns kinda bullet, which is operated by a push-button located on the base. The cap is sealed by an o-ring making it waterproof and fully submersible.  The pointed tip is amazing for pinpoint stimulation, the length makes it easier to hold onto, and the N-battery is more powerful than watch batteries. The N-battery actually puts out enough power that I can orgasm without a problem.

The bright electric orange sleeve is made of nothing but the best — 100% ultra-premium silicone. It is soft and plushy, with  a glossy finish. There is a bit of a surface drag but, as always, lube will increase the pleasure. The sleeve fits snugly over the bullet and is a bit frustrating when trying to remove it for the first time. I found my myself tugging, pulling, wiggling, and twisting away at the little bugger. When I finally got it off, I added a dab of (water-based) lube into the sleeve before reinserting the bullet which allowed it to easily slide in and out with no friction.

While the Spoon is advertised as a g-spotter, I find that it lacks in length for g-spotting purposes. It could maybe reach a very shallow g-spot, but I doubt it. The broad flat head is great at spreading the vibrations and stimulating a larger area, and if you are anything like me who requires a little bit of pressure on your clit, this is definitely worth snatching up. The Spoon also pairs up nicely with other Tantus dildos, such as the Alumina Flow.

In terms of power, the vibrations are decent with and without the sleeve. It’s definitely not a powerhouse but let’s face it — they’re bullets! While the bullet is pretty strong and will provide pinpoint stimulation if you remove the sleeve, the flat head of the sleeve causes the vibrations to be more diffused — something I initially thought would be a disappointment.  Turns out, I love the vibrations! It is virtually silent and perfect for those who like to masturbate on the down-low.

As for cleaning; very simple. Since the sleeve is made of 100% silicone you can wash it with an antibacterial soap and warm water, bleach it with a 10% bleach solution, or plop it into a pot of boiling water. For the bullet, merely wash it with an antibacterial soap, or a toy cleaner and you are good to go. I recommend removing the sleeve before any kind of cleaning to ensure you get any gunk (eg. lube, juices) that may collect between the sleeve and the bullet.

Overall, I think the Little Secret Spoon is a wonderful little vibe. In most cases the expression “Great for beginners” is code for “This buzzy little bastard is too cheap and too weak to get me off”. But that is not the case with the Little Secret vibes — these little wonders are the ideal starter toy. Honestly. They are well-made, attractive, discreet, powerful, waterproof, light-weight, easy to use, and affordable…..and collectable!

I’m a total colour slut and I now crave the entire rainbow!

Thanks, Tantus!

Save 10% off any Tantus Little Secret with promo code “VENUSETC10” at checkout!

This product was provided to me free of charge by Tantus in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

OPUS [LAT.] – A Special Work of Art The meaning of this Latin word is special work of art and therefore suits our love toy perfectly.  For the anatomically and perfectly designed Opus vibrator is a true master of pleasure.  Its advantage lies in the 180° angle which assures reaching the deep seated G-spot while additional buzzing stimulation makes the outer pleasure nerves applaud.

“A special work of art”  – I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

This is a gorgeous and uniquely shaped g-spot vibrator that is intended to stimulate the g-spot and the clitoris simultaneously. With little to no effort at all, the Close2You Opus will take you on the best g-spot journey you could ever imagine!

The Opus is made out of smooth, odorless and tasteless, high-grade silicone. The material is non-porous, phthalates-free, hypo-allergenic, and latex free! The silicone has a nice matte finish to it, and also a little bit of drag. But with a dab of water-based lubricant, it slides right in. Then BAM! — It hits the g-spot and I’m instantly wet. There’s no wiggling around, poking or prying, or hunting for your g-spot with this baby. With the slightest rocking motion, it milks my g-spot and I’m seriously dripping wet before even turned the toy on. The vibrations are a nice touch but it does just fine with out it. The flexibility allowed me to curve its body against me so I could easily achieve the dual stimulation. The combination of clit and g-spot massage had me coming before I had time to consider testing the other vibratory modes.

The silicone is squishy, but also firm enough to retain its general shape. The area right above the cap is the firmest, as this is where the motor is located. The rest of the silicone body is very flexible, in fact I was surprised by just how flexible it is. When uncoiled, the Opus measures 13 inches long but when curled, it is about 7 inches long. The insertable length is about 4-5 inches. The insertable part is about an inch wide for the majority of the curve. Towards the bulbous end of the shaft it widens to about 1½ inch. The size of the shaft is great — it isn’t too small to be effective, and not too big to not be used by someone of any level of experience.

The cap at the base of the Opus, where the batteries are inserted, is made out of a smoothly coated plastic. The buttons are made out of the same silicone as the Opus itself. There are two buttons; One button turns the Opus on and off, the other will cycle through the modes. The cap will pop off to reveal the battery compartment. There’s a black o-ring to keep the water out. To put the cap back on, place it over the battery compartment and push and twist. When properly sealed, this toy is 100% waterproof.

Vibrations/ Patterns:

  1. Low Steady vibration. Decently strong is able to please.
  2. Medium Steady vibration. There is not too much of a difference between the two levels but it does add a bit extra oomph.
  3. High Steady vibration. This mode is a step up from mode 2.
  4. This mode is a gradual climb and drop continually.
  5. A steady pulsing, about as strong as mode 3.
  6. This mode starts climbing like number 4 and goes into a vibration like number 5. Repeat.
  7. Rapid pulsing at a high level and then a constant stream of vibration before starting over again.
  8. A steady vibration at high level, a complete stop, then another shorter steady vibration, followed by pulsing.


If the toy isn’t awesome enough, Close2You tops it off with the most exquisite packaging. It comes in a sturdy white box that is not only beautiful, but discreet. The top lifts open to reveal the Opus nestled in its foam insert. There are two drawers; by pulling out the top drawer you can retrieve your Opus, the bottom drawer is stuffed full of extra goodies.


  1. A purple velvet pouch to put the Opus in for travel.
  2. A sample toy cleaner wipe by Close2you.
  3. A .25 oz sample of Glissando lubricant by Close2you.
  4. A purple silicone cock ring/band also by Close2you.
  5. An instruction booklet in about 10 different languages
  6. Batteries!

This is by far my favourite g-spot vibrator ~ The Opus deserves a standing ovation for its amazing performance! I’ve seen this priced up to $130 USD, Eden Fantasys offers it for a steal of $59.99. Enter code G17 at checkout and receive 15% OFF your entire order.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

I’m always on the hunt for something interesting and unique to add to my ever-growing sex toy collection. The Lovehoney Sqweel has perked my interest for quite some time now, and recently my new friends at had sent me one for review!

The Sqweel arrived promptly and came in cute packaging — always a good start to a relationship. When you open up the nifty hinged tin box, everything is nicely laid out in a velvety insert. I was saddened that the lube sample it is supposed to come with was absent. I like lube samples. It was disappointing, but not really important. The Sqweel is obviously the main feature here.

So. This is the Sqweel. It is, in a nutshell, a cunnilingus simulator. Basically, a motorized wheel of 10 silicone whirling lapping tongues, encased in a hard plastic shell, that is meant to simulate oral sex. Genius! With that said, this toy doesn’t vibrate or thrust, and is meant for external stimulation.

First, the specs: The Sqweel measures about 4½” in diameter, and is about 1½” thick. The shell is made of ABS plastic that has a silky, velvety feel to it. A section of the shell can easily be popped off revealing the wheel of silicone tongues, then replaced to protect the tongues during storage. Each tongue is 1” long and 1” wide at its widest point. They are soft, flexible, and squishy. The entire unit can be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. The side panel rotates open so you can lift out the silicone wheel for cleaning, which can be washed with warm water and an antibacterial soap, then left out to dry. The Sqweel itself is not waterproof because it has a battery compartment, so just wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Speaking of batteries, it is powered by 3-AAA batteries. Inserting the batteries is pretty simple. Just slide the cover off, pop in the batteries, and slide the cover back on. The power switch is located on the end. There are three speeds; low, medium, and high. To turn it on just slide the switch into any of the desired settings and it begins to spin. To turn it off just switch it to the off position and it quickly stops.

As for the speeds, the low is just that — a very low spin. It doesn’t do much for me. The high is quite fast, and actually pretty scary! Medium is where it’s at for me. It emits a rather mechanical sound and is probably but not ideal for those who like to masturbate on the down-low. It’s not the most quiet toy, but it’s not overly loud either. With each increasing level it does get louder.

This is a sex toy in which you must use your imagination…and a LOT of lube. Put some water-based lube in the palm of your hand. Turn the Sqweel on low and slowly lower it into your palm, allowing the tongues lap up the lube. If you put it on high, you’ll shoot lube off your hand, so don’t do that. You want to get them nice and and slippery to avoid any drag and you may even want to add some lubricant to yourself. The wetter, the better!

I suggest starting slow and working your way up. Not much pressure is needed and actually if too much pressure is added, the wheel stops. I found that allowing just the tips of the tongues touch my clit offers the best stimulation. Once you get used to it and allow yourself to relax it does feel pretty good and can help you achieve an orgasm. If you close your eyes, it actually does feel like a lapping tongue and almost like oral sex — minus all the nibbling and sucking goodness. Personally, this does not take me from start to finish, but it’s a nice in-betweener. It doesn’t necessarily give you the exact feeling of someone going down on you but I do like the sensation — it feels interesting and is definitely unique.

The Sqweel is seriously a fun toy and the most interesting sex toy I own. It’s fun to experiment with all the different angles and has enough zip to do the job. It fits in your hand easily and is very simple to use. BONUS! While it does require a little getting used to, I think it’s pretty amazing considering how close it comes to feeling like the real thing!

Thanks, Canadian Sex Toys!

You can head on over and snag yourself a Sqweel for $69.95

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Q: So which is better—sex or chocolate?

A: I would have to pick sex, although chocolate comes in at a very close second.

I’m always looking for something interesting and unique to add to my sex toy collection and fortunately for me, FunWares never fails to provide me with great products for review — this time being the designer vibrator by Nomi Tang, the Better Than Chocolate.

The first thing I was impressed with was the packaging which is not only professional, feminine, pretty, with a  “designer” feel to it, but is also compact and no bigger than it has to be — about 3 x 5 x 3 inches. The inside of the box is lined with velvet and there’s a hole cut out in the middle in which your Better Than Chocolate sits comfortably. Underneath the hole is where they stashed the extras —  a little card that personally welcomes you to your vibrator, a user manual, and a white velvety storage pouch.

The Better Than Chocolate has a hard plastic body, coated with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). The texture of this material is interesting and is almost velvety feeling. And I must add, it feels delicious against the skin. The BTC measures 4¼ inches in length and 2½ inches at its widest point. The futuristic Utopian shape features an ergonomically curved body with two “wings” on top that make this toy very comfortable to position and hold. This curve molds perfectly to my vulva and pubic mound, effectively massaging the entire region with fluttering vibrations.

The vibrations range from a fluttery light to a thuddy strong, with an accompanying noise level that is impressively quiet. The vibes can be felt throughout the entire toy but are more concentrated at the tip. Clearly this vibrator is not meant to be a power house, but is meant to taken slowly as you take the time to fully pleasure yourself. With that said, the vibrations are so perfect for me and my sensitive clitoris because they are strong, but not over powering.

There are three vibration settings; constant and two pulsation. They are controlled by an amazingly innovative, touch sensor, control panel at the top of the vibrator. To get the function you desire, all you have to do is touch the bottom of the sensor where the blue LED light is located for 2 seconds. And once there, slide your finger up or down the control panel to increase or decrease the intensity. Once you have it right where you want it, just touch the top of the sensor until the LED light turns red to lock in your setting. It might seem a bit confusing at first, but is actually pretty simple.

It also has a dedicated on/off button that is located at the base of the vibrator. This is also where the battery compartment is. This is powered by 2-AAA batteries which are inserted by twisting the base a quarter of a turn and pulling it off. With the battery cap is where I had most complications and admittedly I had to refer to the manual. When I first attempted to remove the battery cap in order to insert the batteries, I soon came to realize that I have absolutely no upper-body strength. whatsoever. Putting the cap back on took a few tries. With a little trial and error I was able to figure it out and turns out that it’s not that hard after all. I did, however, gain a sense of accomplishment when I finally figured it out. The only thing I haven’t figured out is why such a luxurious toy is not rechargeable.

The BTC is also waterproof and fully submersible up to 1 meter, however, the sensor pad is set to respond to water by locking itself on its current function/speed. You should set it before getting wet. I noticed that the motion of the water unlocks it and I had to manually lock it which can be an aggravation. To my dismay, I did not enjoy using the BTC in water.

Overall, I must say that I’m pretty fond of the Better Than Chocolate. I like its design, and I like its power. It has quickly become one of my new favourites!

Thanks, FunWares!

Italian researcher Dr. Andrea Salonia believes that women who eat chocolate have better “overall sexual function and sexual desire” than women who shun it. Chocolate is even said to have aphrodisiac qualities due to two chemicals: tryptophan, which increases serotonin (a feel-good mood stabilizer), and a stimulant similar to amphetamine that “is released in the brain when we fall in love.

This product was provided to me free of charge by FunWares in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.