One of the most amazing things happened to me about 15 minutes ago that I find it absolutely necessary to blog about it – I just fucking squirted, and with only clit stimulation!

Now, I’m not new to squirting by all means. I’ve actually been able to squirt for quite some time now, for years to be exact. So now you’re probably wondering “why the hell is she so stoked”? The thing is that I could never squirt on command and it was  normally always induced by my partner. However, in the summer 2010 I purchased the LELO Ella, and learned how to squirt all by myself. (I’m a big kid now!)  I must admit, being able to squirt on command has given be a sense of power over my body and has been one of my biggest boasts. I’ve since became quite the g-spot enthusiast and started purchasing every g-spot toy that I could get my hands on (nothing has yet to compare to Ella – she has big shoes to fill).

So what brought me to such a great orgasm tonight? The Spring by Fun Factory, my most absolute favorite clit vibe EVA! I never have a bath without my Spring. The bathtub is one of my favorite places to masturbate, I guess it’s one place in the entire house I can call private and consider it “me time”. My normal bath routine is: masturbate while the tap is running, orgasm, turn the water off, wash up, get out. However tonight my orgasm left me a bit unsatisfied so I decided to take on round 2.  Ding!-Ding! This orgasm took a bit longer to reach than usual. I could tell it was…different. I almost gave up due to the fact that I wasn’t climaxing within 2 minutes. I know, I’m spoiled and impatient! However, like a trooper I held through. On the brink of giving up and rather frustrated at this point, I placed my feet up onto the edge of the tub, in a half sitting up position, cranked the vibe up on high, and with no remorse to my clit I went to town. I was determined to get off goddammit.

I could feel it building up. It was so close, but yet so far away. Then, I felt the overwhelming tingle go through my body, I dropped my head back, arched my back, and in those moments was when I exploded. It was the most amazing orgasm I have ever experienced by clitoral stimulation alone. Then, I felt the warmness trickle down my ass and at that point I knew I had squirted. I smiled.

Now being the dork I am, I just couldn’t leave it at just that and be satisfied. Oh no,  I had to check out the situation for myself. I slid my fingers to my pussy, it felt like cum. But that wasn’t enough. I had to taste it.

Yup, it was cum.

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